Saturday, March 20, 2010

and then a heart beats...

Today, me and hubby went to see our OB for my monthly prenatal check up. We are to check if my hematoma has cleared and see if I can go back to work full time. Unfortunately, my OB, Dr. Aleli, has undergone surgery and was unable to see me. I was seen by Dra. Aida, Dra. Aleli's reliever. 

I always feel good whenever I come and visit the Women's Wellness Center of the Metropolitan Hospital. It has a relaxing atmosphere with comfy couches and even a zen f0untain in one corner. I feel like I'm getting the best care from the friendly nurses and my trusted Gyne.

When I entered the room, Dra. Aida asked a few questions, I raised some issues of having cramps yesterday and she said we'll have another ultrasound to check the condition of my hematoma. Then, I was asked to lie down so she could measure my tummy and so we could try to listen to baby's heartbeat. 

It took her quite a while scanning my tummy using a fetal doppler and I was getting pretty anxious. Why wasn't I hearing anything? Is it supposed to be like this?

And suddenly, a heart beats...

I heard it and it was strong and it was fast. 

I found myself smiling when Dra. Aida asked me if I can hear it. I gave her a tearful yes. Really, I was pretty emotional.

I then proceeded to have my ultrasound. Right after the gel was spread on my tummy and the scanner was in place, there was my little one. Already developed, with hands and feet moving constantly. A little change in the scanner's position and there it was again. 

The heart beating. It really was beating fast and I can see it beating through my baby's chest. 

It was pretty amazing and I can't believe we have created something as beautiful as this.

We can't wait to see you, our little one.

Here is our little one at 12 weeks and 1 day

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