Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clubhouse Delight

I pinged Hubby on Yahoo Messenger before I went on shift last night. I asked him, "What will you bring me home tonight?". But I never got a reply, he's probably busy at work, I thought. Later on, I was feeling really hungry and I'm already craving for some ham sandwich. The last few nights, I've been constantly asking him to bring me home a cheeseburger, but it was different last night. Just the thought of a greasy cheeseburger makes me want to throw up. 

I remembered how I love the Clubhouse Sandwich of Tropical Hut. I searched the web to find out if they still offer the Clubhouse and luckily they still are! I pinged Hubby again telling him to please bring me home a Clubhouse Sandwich from Tropical Hut. 

I know, it will be a hassle for him because he didn't bring his motorcycle to work and he'll just be taking a cab home. He can easily find a cab just outside his office building and if he is to go to Tropical Hut he will have to cross the street and walk a short distance to where the nearest branch is located.

Well, he still did it for me. Even if it's raining a little bit when he got off from work, he still went to Tropical Hut to buy me my Clubhouse Sandwich. I'm really blessed to have such a thoughtful husband who gives in easily to my little whims. 

Here's a photo of my yummy sandwich:

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