Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh yes, I did!

I have been so inspired with the food blog of one of my w@w sisses who is now a n@wie. I'm sorry sis, but, I'm dropping your name here. Mei and her hubby are doing an awesome job blogging about their married life in Japan thru their wedding blog A Match Made in Heaven and has truly inspired me with their food blog Cravings of the Newlyweds. I only wish I had the same talent as the both of them when it comes to cooking. But, I am trying. Desperately.

And so, last night, I did it. Oh yes, I cooked!

Nothing as fancy as those on Mei's blog but at least I'm on to a good start. I cooked Lechon Kawali and Buttered Mussels. Told you so, nothing fancy, just a quick dip in hot cooking oil and it's done. Hehe! I was happy that the Lechon Kawali turned out crisp and well cooked; the Buttered Mussels tasted good as well - I did a great job with putting in the right amount of butter, salt and a little bit of sugar, oh and yes lots of garlic. 

Here are some pics:

Buttered Mussels

Crispy Lechon Kawali

I also sliced a couple of bananas topped them with condensed milk and voila! Sweet and creamy dessert. Which is, btw, still untouched in our fridge. We were so full last night that we weren't able to have our dessert.

Oh and before I forget, just this morning, I made some French toast for breakfast. :)

I am not in the mood to cook. No, I really was not in the mood. :) Thanks to Mei and their blog for inspiring me. Hopefully, in the next days to come I'll be able to whip up some great dishes as well.

Have a great sunday, everyone!

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Jhan said...

I'll cheer for you Sis!!!

Go! Go! Go!!!!

Just to share...I am also starting my chef kuno career since I got married. I posted foods that I cooked on my fb acct. And my hubby scores them. hehehe.

Good luck on your cooking...and keep sharing them.

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