Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl's Talk: It's FLESH Time!

I just stumbled upon the Girl's Rule blog after reading through the recent updates on my blog roll. I've been wanting to join a blogger group before but I didn't know where to find one. So, when I saw the theme of the week, I immediately searched my hard drive for my most daring picture. I know it should have been posted on a Thursday, but heck, better late than never.

Here I am in my most daring ever at the beach:

As if I have the courage to bare anything at all. That's the best I could do, show my back. :)

Here are some other pics taken during my wedding day:

Can you see the small "C"? I know it's minimal but it's there!

Don't I look naked here? I'm only wearing a tube dress while having my HMU done.

More entries for this week's theme may be found here.

Till next week's theme, Girls!


Random WAHM Thoughts said...

welcome to GT! glad you decided to join us!

at oo nakita ko ung cleavage. kaloka kayo ata lahat meron nyan ako lang wala. hahaha!

my entry is up as well, please visit if you have the time. it's right here. thanks!

sheng said...

welcome to GT sis...

niko said...

welcome to GT!! am sure u will enjoy your stay.. or the teasing if i may say :)

ofcourse i saw that C!! its just right there.. hihihi :) love the last pic prang nude shot nga hihih :D

i shall see u next week my dear!


Jade said...

Hi Welcome to the club, girl!

I did see the C hheheehe

Lucia ♡ said...

Super nice photos! <3

All of us GT ladies deserve an award for being brave enough to post up these photos ;)

And yay for joing GT! See you next week ;)

much love,

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