Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unfavorable ER Experience

I was supposed to return to work Monday night. I got the thumbs up from my OB Gyn's reliever last Saturday. That is before I had an asthma attack come Monday morning.

I woke up at around 9am wheezing already. I puffed Seretide twice hoping that I'll feel better soon. After 30 mins to an hour, I felt very weak already. Just near to collapsing. I guess it's the heat that triggered it. 

Good thing, hubby is still at home and we immediately went to the ER of the Chinese General Hospital. I even lost consciousness on the way there.

ER stands to Emergency Room, isn't it? But, why do the nurses move so slowly while we were there? It was pretty obvious that I'm having difficulty in breathing and I appear to be very weak leaning on hubby for support. I can't even hold the water bottle that I brought with me.

Finally, we were ushered inside and I was asked to sit down to have my oxygen level monitored. The nurse even had the guts to tell me, "Idiretso mo ung daliri mo natatanggal eh." Can't you see that I can't even move an inch and you blame me for a defective machine whose finger probe is loose and was just being held with the use of a medical tape?!

I was seen by an OB-GYN, shouldn't I be seen by a Pulmonologist? 

In the end, when I was sure that my vital signs are normal and so are my baby's, I asked to be released. I don't want to be admitted to a hospital like this, I'd rather rest at home.

Before leaving, I asked the OB if I could have a medical certificate so I could have something to show to my employer. Guess who wrote the medical certificate? A pulmonologist who didn't even see me! Isn't that amazing!

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