Friday, August 26, 2011

Mommy Moments – Nutrition Tip

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When Johan started his solids at 6 months, I was very keen on what to feed him. Although I know that milk will still be his main source of nutrients, I want to introduce him to a variety of veggies and fruits.

I steamed potatoes, carrots, sayote, sweet potatoes, papaya, squash – I almost fed him all veggies except for the leafy ones and for fruits, I gave him banana, apple, grapes, ripe papaya, avocado. I tried feeding him cheese and he loves it, same with soft bread. I’m also giving him some bread sticks to munch on after taking a bath while he’s watching his Baby Einstein DVDs. I will be trying to introduce him to oats, rice and cereals in the coming days.

DSCF4776Johan’s first taste of Sayote 

My MIL told me to allow him to taste chocolates. I don’t really know why my MIL suggested it but I’m against the idea because I don’t want to introduce him to sweets this early.

So far, I noticed that Johan loves Sayote and he doesn’t like potatoes that much. He also prefers to munch on apples than eat ripe bananas. He really is growing up and he’s beginning to show signs of making his own choices when it comes to food.

My only tip would be to try different kinds of taste and textures of food. This would give some variety so your child would not only be familiar to one type of food. Also, trying out different kinds of food would help you know whether your child is allergic to some or not.

Johan is eating solids twice a day and he's already grown two little teeth but this little man is still a baby and he’ll smile his brightest at you when you give him his bottle. =)



Tetcha said...

His smiles tell me Johan is a happy baby, and you're right, Mommy, in making him taste different kinds of food so he gets all the vitamins/minerals his young body needs, plus, to check if he's allergic to anything. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

Unknown said...

Wow Mae, you are good. at pinag hirapan mo pa i mashed mga foods ng anak mo, ako mostly yung mga jar. store bought foods hehehe

Jhan said...

cute ng last pic!!! very obvious that baby johan is so happy!!!

so you started introducing other foods at 6mos? Sabi kasi nung iba at 4mos pwede na.

Shirley Mae Tabora said...

Hi Tetcha! I got that from reading too many mommy forums and articles. hehe.

Hi Shydub! Tyaga lang talaga and I'm a stay at home mom naman kaya I have the time to prepare his meals.

Sis Jhan! Yes, I started at 6 mos although some told me nga that I can start as early as 4 mos. Eh takot pa ko nun baka hindi pa kaya ni Johan and baka magchoke pa kaya I waited 2 more months para sure. And I waited for signs na he's interested na in eating solids like whenever me and hubby are eating we noticed that Johan smacks his lips na parang natatakam, that was the sign for me na he's ready for solids. =)

Rcel said...

ehehehe! Ang cute ng smile ni baby! Haping-happy with the bottle of milk eh! Great tips these are! Ako naman, with my daughter before, she never ate those baby foods that I can buy. Mas gusto talaga niya homemade ni Mommy kaya ayun, I had to take time preparing her the baby foods that she wanted. :)

Visiting for MM with my share I TALK HEALTH! Hope to see you at mine and have a great weekend!

Jhan said...

talaga?!!! Ganun ang naging behavior ni baby Johan? hihihi

My bestfriend also told me to give solid foods by 6mos to that my baby's tummy will surely digest them. Sige, I will check how may baby will show interest in food and will blog about it. :D

Chris said...

very good job mommy! i remember eating the right solid food for babies have a huge effect if they eventually will become picky eaters.

thanks for joining mommy moments!

hope to see you again next week :)

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