Monday, August 8, 2011

Before Ever After

The novel has been trending in Twitter days before it was launched. I personally didn’t know anything about until I read it in Chuvaness’ blog and saw the official video.

After watching it, I was taken. I was already loving the book even before reading it. The book looks promising and from the reviews that I’ve read, I know that I will be taken to a wonderful ride down the cobbled streets of Europe and fall in love with the novel’s main characters, Shelley and Max.

What's even interesting is the author, Samantha Sotto. She is Filipino and how she wrote the book and had Random House of New York publish it, is one great story on it’s own. Read more about Samantha here.

I won’t be posting how the story went because I haven’t finished reading the book. I find this surprising, because knowing myself and my passion for reading, a book this good wouldn’t last a day with me. But this novel exceeded way beyond my expectations. I only allow myself to read a few pages each day – to make the story last a little bit longer.

Yes, it is that good that I don’t want the story to end just yet.


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