Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Wonder of Divi-land – Mommy Finds

Okay, so, I didn’t go to Divisoria to shop for myself. My main task was to shop for Johan’s party stuff. But, because I was able to buy everything that I need for the party at a much cheaper price, I had a few extra bucks to buy myself some nice things as well.

GEDC1704 Melon colored dress from Gilyanna, P400.00

While I was busy getting lost inside the newly renovated 168 mall (hehe!), I was happily surprised to find a new store that offers pretty blouses and dresses. Before, I only go to one known shop in 168 which is Juana. I wanted to buy a certain dress from there but even after going to all their stalls inside 168, I was not able to find one in my size. Good thing is I found this dress in Gilyanna, hidden at the back of the rack, probably hidden by one customer so she could come back later to purchase it. Sorry for her because it was the last piece and I got it. =)

GEDC1716 Nicely embroidered

Just look at the details of the dress, the embroidery is really pretty and elaborate. I might just wear this one to Johan’s party. I only need to find a nice pair of wedges that would look really great with the dress.

GEDC1719 Sleeveless top from Juana, P250.00

As I said above, I frequent the shop Juana in 168. It was the only store that offers quality clothes whether casual  or business-casual for work. The prices of the clothes are really cheap, the blouses range from 200-300 pesos while the dresses range from 300-450 pesos. They also have slacks and shorts but I’m not really sure how much they are worth.

I would have bought shoes but my already bulging two huge bags of purchases already weigh more than I could carry. So, the shoes would have to wait until my next Divisoria trip which is who knows when. =)

Next up: Arts and Crafts

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