Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Wonder of Divi-land: Arts and Crafts

Again, this is not on my list except for the ribbons which I will be using to hold up the banderitas that I will be making for Johan’s birthday.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Pink and Peach Ribbons from Morning Glory at P13.00/roll, glue sticks at P3.00 each

“Ribbons aplenty!” That’s what I always think whenever I enter the Morning Glory shop along Tabora Street (Trivia: the street and my husband’s surname share the same name and according to my FIL, it was actually named after his ancestors, cool huh?). As I was saying, there are rolls and rolls of ribbons in all shapes and shades inside Morning Glory. If you’re looking for the cheap ones like the ones I found, you should look at the baskets on the floor. They are full of nice looking ribbons for lower prices than those on the displays. You have to be careful though because some of them have stains. The glue sticks can be found at the counter.

GE DIGITAL CAMERALetter Embosser, P260.00

I got this letter embosser from the stall where I bought some notepads. I didn’t plan on getting it but I was really imagining how cute embossed letters would look. I don’t know yet where I’ll be using this and I’m so hoping this tool would work. I haggled with the sales lady from the original price of P350.00 down to P260.00.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Super Mario Cloth, P120.00/yard

I saw an already made bed sheet with the same Super Mario design along Ilaya street priced at P180.00. I wanted to get that already but it was made to fit a single bed. Johan’s mattress is smaller and I don’t want to cut the bed sheet to be made into another one and the saleslady is not that nice, anyway. Luckily, I found one stall in Tutuban selling this cloth, I wasn’t able to haggle though because I only got one yard and this is made of US Cotton so it is priced a bit higher than the regular ones.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA A couple of 1-yard cloths for curtains at P35.00 each

My cousin who went to Divisoria a few weeks ago told me about some cloths being sold along the street of Ilaya. She said there were lots to choose from and were really cheap. I saw these two cloths along with other designs literally on the street. You have to choose carefully because some are already muddy and you have to be quick because other customers might just beat you to the ones you want to buy.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Blue cotton cloth at P45.00/yard and red cap at P50.00

Since I wanted Johan to wear a Mario costume on his birthday, my MIL volunteered to sew the overalls. My MIL has been sewing all our bed sheets and curtains at home and she also did one of her grandkids’ school uniform so I’m pretty sure she will be able to make Johan’s costume. I have do think about what to do with the red cap, though. I wasn’t able to find a plain one so I bought this one with the Yankees logo. I might just cover this up with a letter M to copy the one that Mario is wearing.

Next up: Game Prizes

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