Saturday, August 27, 2011

Party Plans

I decided not to post any more Divisoria finds because all that was left were the loot bag contents and the game prizes. I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who might be reading my blog and attend the party. Just wait for the photos on my Suppliers Ratings after the party. =)

For now, I’ll be posting pictures of the party venue and how I plan to decorate it with the help of my ever-reliable, very artistic cousin and Johan's godmother, Leslie of Got to Believe.

So, the party will be at Jollibee, TM Kalaw Branch.


What I love about this branch is that the function area is separate from the dining area. I mean separate as in separate structure.


You have to cross the drive-thru alley to get to the function area which I really like because we won’t have the noise and the crowd of the other diners. It’s as if like we’re renting a separate venue for the party. Love, love!

This is just one of the two function areas. The two function rooms, btw, are only separated by a foldable wall division so if you’re going to book for a bigger number of guests, Jollibee will be providing you with both function rooms.


What I also love about this is that there is a small area outside the function areas where you can station your registration table, your photo booth (if you’re going to get one) and face painting (which I will be getting). I’m thinking of stationing the face painter at the corner where you can see the Jollibee crew on the photo above.

And I’m thinking of either putting a registration table or a photo mural of Johan against this wall. What do you think?


My cousin would like to make DIY mushrooms and stick them on the glass windows and doors for added decor. I think that would look really awesome!


For the ceiling decor, I already cut out banderitas or flag banners and will attach them to a string to be put up in the ceiling. Balloon drops will also be added courtesy of my cousin, Leslie, again. I will also be making star cut outs and string those up into the ceiling as well. I want the ceiling decor to be full of colors and I want it to look very festive hence the idea of balloons and flag banners and star cut outs. Who knows, I might still add more as the party comes nearer.

I am really, really excited about Johan’s 1st birthday and with every DIY thing that I did with the help of the people who love my son, I am pretty sure this party is going to rock!

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kim said...

WOW! that looks so exciting! left you kiss. hope you kiss me back..

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