Saturday, August 13, 2011

God is Good

Last year, I had the worst scare of my life when my husband’s motorcycle was taken from him at gunpoint at two in the morning. Read post here. Little did I know that hubby would figure in another motorcycle incident.

On Thursday, I had a hard time sleeping. Most days, I hit the sack around 10pm but on that day, I was still awake at 1am. I did a few projects here and there, I read through all those on my blog roll, read Before Ever After. Finally, at a few minutes past one, I was out.

But, was awakened by loud voices at around 3 am. Hubby just arrived from work and from what I was able to comprehend from MIL's words, he’s been in an accident. That’s when I literally jumped from the bed and went outside.

He’s okay except for some minor injuries on his arms and knees but I was still shaking when he recounted what happened.

For those from Cavite, surely you would have noticed the bumpy roads along Bacoor and Imus because of the excavation done by Maynilad. It’s already a challenge to drive through all that during daytime much worse at dawn because the strip of Aguinaldo Highway from Imus going to Dasmarinas is not well-lighted.

So, Friday around 1:30 am, as usual, husband was maneuvering his motorcycle along the bumpy Aguinaldo Highway when he suddenly noticed a huge plank of wood in the middle of the road. It was too late to avoid it and when he hit the wood, he was thrown off his motorcycle, rolled on the road more than three times while his motorcycle crossed the street to the other lane going to Manila.

Luckily for him, the vehicle behind him is in a safe distance. If it was following him a bit more closely, surely hubby would have been hit. Another good thing is, there were no vehicles on the opposite lane going to Manila. If there were, there is a possibility of them hitting hubby’s motorcycle throwing it back to where hubby was laying on the ground.

I am just so thankful to all the good strangers who helped my husband get up and bring him to a safer place on the side of the road until he could recover his breath and drive home. More so, I am thankful to God for saving him the second time around.

Hubby is doing great. He’s just a bit bruised and his wounds are healing already. He even found the accident funny - how he rolled on the ground three or more times, like a slow motion scene in a movie sends him to hysterics. Silly hubby.

Here are some photos on the damage:

GEDC1266 GEDC1267 GEDC1269 GEDC1270

I was thinking of posting hubby’s wounds but decided to post the damage on his motorcycle instead. The wounds still look icky. Hehe.

Yes, I'm in a much better mood because I realized how lucky and blessed we are that hubby survived the accident.

Drive safely everyone.

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