Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inch by Inch

Have I mentioned in this blog that we don’t have our own house yet? We are living with my in laws so the interiors and furniture are theirs and not ours. I know some of you would understand me when I say that it’s hard to move around a place that is not your own, it’s hard to act as the “home maker” when it’s not really your house and how it would make one a happier person simply by having the choice on what shade to paint your walls.

What I can only consider as ours is our bedroom. This is our own little space and inch by inch, we are marking it as ours by doing some changes here and there.

The first thing that we had made was our cabinet. When we moved in, there’s just a tiny dresser which can only fit Johan’s clothes. We had to make more storage for other stuff and we need to have some space for the computer. So, we had a cabinet custom made with a space for the tv and sound system, for the computer and lots of storage for Johan’s clothes.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA GE DIGITAL CAMERAGE DIGITAL CAMERA From top to bottom: the LED TV and sound system as posted here, my own little space – the computer desk and Johan’s own space with his clothes and shoes. I bought the blue container baskets in Daiso for P88.00 each.

Just recently, we had to make room for the Air Conditioner that we bought. It would be impossible because our window looked like this:

GE DIGITAL CAMERAold school jalousie window glass

We had it changed to a sliding panel that has a slot at the top for the air conditioner. So now, our window looks better:

And so does our newly-installed air conditioner which Johan (and Mommy) love.


Hopefully, we could have our walls repainted the next time and then I have to customize our headboard because it looks hideous.

We might not have our own home yet, we may not be able to have it in the near future. So, I’m doing the best I could with the tiny space that we have right now. We’re making it our own little “home”. We’re getting there. Inch by inch.

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