Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodluck and God Bless, Bro!


Tomorrow, you will be flying off to Thailand for work. I know it won’t be easy to leave behind your two kids and your wife but I hope you’ll be strong enough to battle the homesickness because what you are doing is for them in the long run.

I pray that God will keep you safe at all times, that you’ll always be in the best of health and that you stay focused on your goal which is to succeed.

I don’t know how hard it will be but I’m sure it will be once you’re there and you’re missing your family so much. Just remember that you are a father and your kids are counting on you to provide for their needs. Keep in mind that the separation is only temporary.

This coming from me, I hope you don’t throw this opportunity away. God gave you this chance to make a change for you and your family. Do your best, work hard and save for the future. You never know when something like this comes knocking on your door again, maybe it will happen again or maybe it won’t.

We’re all going to miss you and we all want you to succeed. Goodluck, Jay and may God bless you always.


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