Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Missing “Us”

I love being a mom to Johan and given a choice, I’d still take that path.


Everyday has been overwhelming – with me taking care of him, some chores to do at home, some errands to run and hubby going to work. I sometimes feel that we’ve taken our relationship for granted. Yes, we’ve been great parents and we’ve given Johan our full attention but I think we’re not doing as much as we should when it comes to us being husband and wife. All our conversations are now centered around our child and we, most often that we would’ve wanted, fail to ask how each of our days went.

I miss our Puerto Galera days, I miss our malling, I miss our talks, I miss eating out and taking the time to digest our food. I miss “us”.

Just feeling sentimental on this rainy Tuesday night. =(



kim said...

it's OK, girl! take your time, when the baby get's a little bit older, you'll have your chance..

Jhan said...

hi mae,

that's my dilemma too.
that is why, hubby and i decided that no matter what, we will have our QT (quality time) together..just US at least once a month.

To date, we've gone out 3 times now..hope we can continue doing it.

As for you and your hubby, you can find time naman siguro even w/o going out. your US time can be found at home din...like miryenda from the terrace or garden...just you and hubby while baby is asleep or with your inlaws.

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