Monday, May 23, 2011

The Problem

We’re so excited when we saw this at SM Appliance Center yesterday. It’s an LG 32” LED TV that came in bundle with an LG Home Theatre System. Everything cost less than Php 30,000.
It’s such a great deal that hubby was not able to resist and we found ourselves bringing home one. The Home Theatre System, however, is out of stock but we’ll be able to get it this coming Saturday.


Later today, I will go to the cable company to subscribe for their service. Cable TV finally! After almost 8 months of no cable TV, we’re finally back to civilization! Disney Playhouse, Johan? Yey!
But, we got a problem. Our room is not that spacious. We recently had a cabinet built in and we only have this as extra space:


The bottom shelf of the cabinet which used to hold Johan’s toiletries and other essentials which got moved to the top shelf. When hubby assembled the TV into the stand, it won’t fit. The “smart" carpenter who made our cabinet miscalculated and the right side of the shelf is higher than the left side. Great, right?

So, the only solution is to mount it up the wall which I am hoping would work given the very limited space inside the shelf. I hope hubby will be able to install it already as I can’t wait to watch my downloaded movies in the “big screen” with surround sound.

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kim said...

wow! congratulations on the new home theater...

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