Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gunpoint Scare

I've seen it in the news, I've read it in the papers. It happen to some people, but not to those close to me. Until early this morning.

I received a text message from my husband at 3:30 am telling me he was stopped by two armed men riding a motorcycle just a few blocks away from home. They held him at gunpoint and one immediately took over my husband's motorcycle and drove away. 

I called my husband and asked him is he really is okay. He said they did not hurt him but they pointed the gun at his face every time he tried to look at their faces. He was not able to identify the two men nor the plate number of the motorcycle they were riding. Everything happened so fast and they just left him there on the streets. He was able to report the incident to the police and he was then advised to report again to the Anti-Carnapping group of the PNP.

I was not able to sleep since talking to my husband and when the sun came up, I was on my way back to Manila. I needed to make sure that he really is okay and I need to be with him. 

I may be over-reacting over the incident. Nothing really happened to my husband, he was left unharmed anyway but still... 

He could have resisted giving his motorcycle, he would have tried to look at the men's faces to identify them, one of the men could have pulled the trigger. 

I could have lost him. Our unborn child could have been unable to meet the father he could have become.

But, it did not happen. God did not allow for it to happen. And for that, I am most grateful.


Jhan said...

OMG! Sis, praise God for not letting anything bad happened to your husband. His motorcycle is nothing compared to his life....make him extra extra careful next time.

And worry less. Everything will be alright.

Take care.

Clarice said...

hi! n@wie clarice here. my gosh! buti na lang walang nangyari. nakakatakot! hugs, sis!

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