Saturday, May 7, 2011

One Dazzling Anniversary

Today is Saturday, May 7, a day before our 2nd wedding anniversary. We were supposed to go to Ermita Church and then go to nearby Robinson’s Place as we did last year on our wedding anniversary. But, what we have planned for today changed at the last minute for reasons I don’t want to waste my time thinking about. We could have planned to go tomorrow on the exact day of our anniversary but we don’t want to miss Manny Pacquiao’s fight.

Knowing that our plans for today won’t push through, I was moping around the house since yesterday. I’m totally not in the mood to do anything. But, hubby saved the day. He insisted that we go out and bring Johan with us. We’ll just watch the movie tomorrow instead of today. Then I remembered, Maan of Youji&Me called me last night informing me that the Silver Cross Dazzle Stroller that I won at the Royal Wedding Photo Contest on Facebook is ready for pick up at the Greenbelt 5 store.

DSCF5333Daddy drives Mommy and Johan to Greenbelt 5 

So, we decided to go to Greenbelt to pick up the stroller and just hang around with Johan. When we came to the store, the staff were very, very nice. They were very accommodating and they played with Johan while talking to me. Maan asked for an ID and asked a male staff to get the stroller. While I was signing some paperworks, the male staff and hubby were already strapping Johan into the Dazzle.

DSCF5335What are you doing to me?”

Johan, was very quiet although he looks as if he’s wondering what they were doing to him. Once settled in, Johan suddenly said “A-ba-ba-ba”, to the delight of those who heard him.


Then Maan requested for some photos. To which I gladly obliged, well, I would have asked her for a photo if she didn’t ask me first.

DSCF5339 The camera-shy Daddy did not want to have his picture taken but after stealing a dagger look towards his direction, he changed his mind. =)

We all said our goodbyes and thanks to the staff and we’re off. We were supposed to hang around the Ayala Triangle but it was drizzling and hubby wanted to shop. Sine we were both not familiar to the locations of the stores in Greenbelt or Glorietta we decided to go to the Mall of Asia to do our shopping.

When we got there, we had lunch first. Johan was being fussy while we were eating so we had to take turns in bringing him out of the restaurant until he calmed down and we were able to finish our lunch. Then we just strolled around the mall and took pictures, lots of it.

DSCF5378 DSCF5385 DSCF5393 DSCF5396

It is our 2nd wedding anniversary and mother’s day celebration but we took more pictures of Johan instead of ourselves. It doesn’t matter, though, because Johan is the fruit of our love after getting married two years ago and he’s the real reason why I am a mother today.

DSCF5350A very happy Johan in his new dazzling Dazzle stroller.

Thanks again to Youji&me for this amazing stroller!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommies out there!

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