Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Skies

I’ve experienced mommy burn-out all weekend until today. I feel too tired even after getting enough sleep. Johan has been irritable these last few days, crying every time he wakes up. I’m guessing it’s the extreme heat that is making him uncomfortable or maybe he’s teething already. Anyhow, it’s been a stressful day.

I found myself crying non-stop for two straight hours earlier this morning due to stress. Hubby took care of Johan while I composed myself. I took a bath to settle myself but I stared into space and realized only that I had done so when I was already shaking under the cold water. I can’t look at my son because I felt guilty. I shouldn’t be feeling this stressed out in taking care of him. He is my son and I should be able to do my job as his mom. But I felt inadequate and I felt really, really tired.

Until I saw this outside:


The sky is still blue, after all and even if today seemed harder than most days, it has ended and tomorrow is a new day.

And besides, I got this to be thankful for:

Even if he tests my patience from time to time. I love him to bits and no matter how tired I be, that love will always bring back the strength that I need.

Kudos to all Mommies out there! We are all doing such wonderful jobs!


Earth said...

that's very nice.. reminds us how beautiful life is and that it is worth living..

Jhan said...

aaawww....true love!

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