Thursday, May 26, 2011


I went out this morning to have the headset that I bought yesterday replaced. I was riding this jeepney going to a nearby mall and I noticed this man almost in front of me with a huge bag seated in an awkward manner and his right hand nowhere in sight. Seated in front of me (and beside the man) is a korean girl reading a book. I’ve been thinking that the man actually has no right arm as I can’t see it from where I was seated, the man and I even met eye to eye as I was really staring at him.

When suddenly I saw where his right hand was. Inside the korean girl’s bag! His huge bag is actually a decoy to hide what he was doing. I didn’t know what to do, the korean girl was clueless that the man is trying to rob her, she was too busy reading her book to know what’s happening. I began thinking of ways on how to get her attention then I realized that I might put myself at risk trying to save the korean girl’s stuff from being robbed.

I instantly thought of Johan. What if I’d be able to catch the korean girl’s attention and she caught what the man was doing, the man might physically harm me, punch me or something on his way down the jeepney, pull me with him as I was seated at the end of the vehicle next to the door or worse knife me or shoot me with a gun. You never know as most of the bad guys are armed. What could’ve happened to me then? What would happen to my son?

So, for the korean girl who I’m not so sure if she lost anything, I’m so sorry. I know I could have been a better citizen and informed you of what the man was doing but I’m too selfish to think about my safety and my son’s future.

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