Monday, March 21, 2011

So Far, So Good

I’ve posted here that I will be training Johan to sleep on his own. That post was dated March 12. After our first try to put Johan to sleep using the Sear’s Method, we gave up out of frustration – Johan was crying his lungs out, Mommy was close to tears herself, Daddy was undecided who to console first, the baby or the Mommy. Hehe.

After a week, I decided to give it a try once more.So, last Saturday, I declared it a no-swaying day for Johan. We started the day right, woke up and went out to have our daily dose of sunshine. Then Johan took his bath around 9am, I give him his bottle right after and put him in his crib. He was out just a few minutes after I put him down! This continued on the entire day with Johan sleeping on his own every time he was put down, probably because he was too tired after our rounds of playtime.

Later in the afternoon, I gave him his sponge bath at the usual time of 5pm. This is the time that I prep him up for bedtime. I can tell that he’s already sleepy because he was already fussy even if we go out of the house. So, after his sponge bath, I gave him a bottle and put him down. He refused to sleep! He was screaming and crying but I stood my ground and did not carry him. I soothe him while he’s in his crib, I sang to him and I whisper to him. He finally slept – after two hours! Well, at least I did not carry him.

So, that happened last Saturday. It’s already Monday and I’m proud to say that my Johan is now sleeping on his own and it takes us lesser and lesser time each day. We hope this routine keeps up. Good job, Johan!

DSCF4363 Taken just a few minutes before writing this post

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