Monday, March 14, 2011

The Banderitas

My cousin made some banderitas with Johan’s name for his christening that we used to liven up the reception venue. Here’s a photo from that day:

I love it so much that I kept it for future use but I didn’t know where I could use it until the other day when Johan is being so restless that he’s still squirming even after me and hubby took turns in carrying him. So, how did the banderitas help soothe Johan-the-wriggler?

I put the banderitas in his crib! He loved the loud colors and it did pacify him if only for a bit. I know it does not look that good but it served its purpose that day which is to stop this not-so-little boy from giving his Mommy and Daddy serious arm ache if we continue to carry his 8.4 kilograms weight.

So, where are the banderitas now? Still in his crib but put up in a much nicer position.


Mommy’s resourcefulness: check!
Mommy’s creativity: check!


Simply Dyes said...

nice banderitas cum mobile :)

nicquee said...

Very creative indeed! I bet your kid is super enjoy with it!

kimmy said...

oh.. so cute and colorful!

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