Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Love Nuby!

I’ve been meaning to buy some Nuby products for weeks, even searched Ebay, Multiply and Facebook for the standard neck bottles but sadly, the bottles that I’ve been searching for are not available anymore.

Last week, when I met up with my bestfriend at Greenbelt 5, we dropped by the Youji and Me store to try our lucks. We’re both itching to buy Nuby products because their products are BPA-free plus they come in the most colorful designs that we’re sure our babies would love.

I would have bought a lot but my bestfriend insisted that she pay for my purchases so I only chose two items because she already bought Johan some ‘pasalubong’ from Singapore, it would be too much if she still pays for my Nuby items.

These are what I bought:

DSCF3992 Nuby Sure Grip bowl, spoon and fork set and Nuby Non-drip Bottle with removable handle

See how colorful these are? I’m sure Johan will have a fun time once he starts solid feeding. The Non-drip bottle will be really useful as Johan tends to spit out his bottle when he’s already asleep so his beddings are usually wet with milk in the mornings. Yey for no-more soiled sheets!

We wanted to buy the Nuby Sound Bites but decided not to because it costs a lot at Php 475.00 for just a spoon and fork set. But, look at how cute they are:

513-5291 (2)

I’ll just see if these are available and on sale at S&R Alabang when I go there with my sister. We heard that S&R will be having a sale from March 16-20. Click here for details.


manasi.s.gejji said...

Can you tell me how the nuby sound bites works?

manasi.s.gejji said...

I have bought the nuby sound bites i want to know how does it work

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