Thursday, March 17, 2011

The S&R Sale

Yesterday was the first day of the 5-day Member’s Treat at S&R. My sister is a member and she invited me together with our other family members to go with her to buy some stuff because she said that there would be great deals at the sale. We planned to arrive as soon as the store opens at 8am. We were there at around 8:15 – 8:30 am and already, the line just to get a push cart is really, really, really long. What we did was we asked our father to fall in line to get a pushcart and we’ll proceed inside to do our shopping.

It was jampacked! The aisles were crowded and it was hard to walk around with me carrying Johan and my cousin trying to hold on to her three year old toddler. There were indeed great deals: some toiletries were on “buy one, take one” promo, huge discounts on most household items, dinnerware, beddings, chocolates and other imported stuff. I wasn’t able to find some toys for Johan but I was able to buy him some Nuby bottles priced at Php 170.00 for three and Nuby pacifiers at Php 90.00 for two. I was also able to buy myself the Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz Shampoo and three packs of Snickers and Butterfinger to replenish my anti-post-partum stash.

We were done with our shopping after more or less two hours. My father was still outside in line for a push cart so we just hauled our items in the canvass bags that we brought and put everything in a box and pushed and pulled while we were in line for the counter. It is already 10am by then and the line was not moving. We just busied ourselves with small talk and gossip, going out every now and then to change shifts with other members of the family who lounged at the dining area eating an oversized pizza and drinking bottomless soda and iced tea. Time passed and we realized it was already 3pm, we’re still in line and moving at a snail’s pace. Guess what time we reached the counter? 9 pm!!!! We were there for 12 hours, only 2 of which were spent on the shopping itself and 10 freaking hours were spent waiting in line. So, will I go again next year? Never, not even in my dreams. (Although, I might ask my sister to buy some stuff for me. Hee hee!)

Here are some pictures:

DSCF4183People waiting and dining 

 DSCF4197 The long line to the counter

DSCF4181 Oversized Pizza at Php 550.00

 DSCF4192My sister waiting in line. Look at what she’s sitting on. We used three of those styrofoam ice buckets for us to sit on while waiting in line. 

DSCF4188My sister goofing off with our S&R bottomless drink. I think S&R lost a lot  of money on these bottomless drinks yesterday with the many customers (and guests) going back and forth to refill their cups. We only bought two priced at Php 45.00 each and shared those two cups among ourselves. There were seven of us adults and one toddler.

I know, we should have been very frustrated after waiting in line for 10 hours. But, instead we used the time we have to bond (even if only for useless gossip that is mostly about how the rich people go gaga over sales like this) and who would be mad if you have this with you:


Unfortunately, he didn’t escape the crazy minds of his own Mommy, Ninang Yaya and Ninang Tit An who came up with taking this shot:


We’re sorry, baby. It won’t happen again. Well, not at S&R at least.

How about you, how was your S&R shopping?

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