Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Sleep: The Sears Method

Although Johan now sleeps almost all through the night, only waking up once or twice to feed, it is always a huge effort to put him to sleep. He refuses to be put down, oftentimes crying out loud when I put him down to allow my arms to rest for a while. I have started a routine starting at five in the afternoon. First, we would go outside for a walk with Johan in his stroller and when he became a bit fussy outside, usually around six in the evening, then I would bring him in, do his sponge bath, feed and dance till he’s asleep.

I want to train Johan to sleep on his own without the need for motion. Some parents would say that I’m teaching my son independence at a very early age but, really, after doing the household chores and taking care of a baby, it can get pretty tiring at the end of the day. Johan weighs 8.4kg as of his last check up which was last Tuesday, March 8, so he really is heavy on my arms and back.

I’m such a fan of because I learned a lot from this site given that I’m a new mom and need lots of help. I came across the Sears Method of putting the baby to sleep. Some moms would resort to leaving the baby crying till he gets tired and goes to sleep on his own. I do not agree with this as I think the baby would feel like he’s being abandoned if he is left by himself. The Sears Method is a no-tears way of putting the baby to sleep and I can’t wait to try this with Johan. We’ll start tomorrow.

To watch the video on the Sears Method please click here.

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