Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I’m Scared

The last few weeks have been scary: with the news on the war in Libya and Bahrain, the recent earthquake in Japan followed by a deadly tsunami and the earthquake yesterday that rocked some parts of our country.

I didn’t feel the earthquake. At the exact moment that news anchor Mel Tiangco announced on TV that there was an earthquake, me and Johan are playing on the mattress on the floor and we did not feel a thing. I immediately pinged hubby on YM and asked how he was doing. He is working on the 37th floor of the RCBC Plaza in Makati. He told me that they did feel the earthquake but it did not last long. Still, I was scared.

What if what happened to Japan happen to us here in the Philippines? Knock on wood, but what if it does? Are we prepared enough for the worst? I’m scared for my own family. Ultimately, I’m scared for my son. Hubby and I can definitely care for ourselves and I’m sure we can survive days without food or water. But, what about Johan? What if I wasn’t able to bring enough supplies for him? Worst comes to worst, what if me and hubby perished? What will happen to our son?

I know, I’m being morbid here but I cannot put these things out of my head with everything that’s been going on with the rest of the world. What I can only do is pray, pray really hard that He keep us safe. Lord, please keep us together and please take care of Johan.


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vengieric said...

nakaka-iyak nmn tong post na to sis! =(

by the way, pls keep us in ur prayers... tnx!

may GOD bless us all...


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