Friday, March 11, 2011


Hubby and I have been contemplating on purchasing a car now that we have a baby. It is so hard to go to places on commute or by cab with a baby in tow, what with the many stuff we have to bring with us. So, we’re now saving up for a car and hopefully we can buy one this year. We’re looking for something a little bit big so it would be easy to lug all of Johan’s stuff without taking up all the space inside the vehicle. Getting the Chevrolet Silverado is never far from our minds. This would be perfect for road trips!

But, I’m a bit worried about safety because driving around these days has been difficult with the many road accidents that happen everywhere. I’m scared that the tires would burst or the brakes would fail. We would have to find a mechanic who could do an awesome brake job so I could drive fear-free of the brakes failing. It’s also a good thing that there many Dallas auto repair shops that I could run to for our auto repair needs.

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