Monday, March 7, 2011

Mommy’s Day Out

I finally had the chance to pamper myself when Johan and I went home to my parents’ house last week. I’ve been inching to have my back massaged because it’s been killing me lately from carrying the already 8.4 kilograms Johan.

On Thursday of last week, my sister and I went out to have our nails done and then we dropped by a newly opened spa just two blocks away from home.

We went to the spa around three in the afternoon, so we were able to get their off-peak rate for an hour of body massage of, guess how much? 180 pesos only!! What a steal, right? Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy the full benefits of the massage because it’s been only five months since my Caesarian delivery and per my OB’s advice (I texted her before having my massage) I am not allowed to have hard massages nor stretches. Bummer, I know, but a massage is still a massage and it’s a well-deserved treat for a Mommy who stays at home the whole day.

Here are some photos:

DSCF3934Foot Spa Area with live fishes to clean your feet

DSCF3936The spa’s flooring

DSCF3943My sister and myself after our massage

DSCF3930My massage room/area – the mattress is on the floor with curtains only as dividers. My sister and I had the curtains between our areas opened so we could make chika while having our massage and we enjoyed cups of hot tea right after.

DSCF3925 That is me, well, I’m not entirely naked underneath that towel. I asked my masseuse for boxer shorts as I’m not really comfortable with everything off.

Now, look who’s getting impatient outside! We can hear him giggling then screaming the next then giggling and screaming again.

DSCF3927 Johan peeking though the curtains, “Mommy hurry up and get it over with!”

Well, so much for my R & R. Back to Mommy mode once again.

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Mamee Nani said...

i'm so inggit mommy mae. i want a massage too! i can't do it here kasi it's very costly. AED 450 for 1 hour. Php 5400 just for 1 hour. 4 cans na yung ng progress ni mimay haha! anyway u deserve it =)u can do it weekly. san kp sa Php 180? =) fab find yan ha!

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