Monday, March 28, 2011

Do they still have brains? - Edited

I removed the video as posting it and allowing it to be viewed numerous times is violation to the child again and again.

I’m referring to the parents of Jan-jan, the staff of the show, the producers, the audience and Mr. Willie Revillame. Are your brains still running, people?

How could you enjoy watching this? The poor kid was crying while dancing, clearly showing his discomfort over what he was doing and everybody at the studio was laughing and egging him on to continue. I know that his parents may have taken this chance to get hold of some money but is it worth to degrade a child and lose his dignity just for some cash? How can we allow the TV network to produce a show like this that demoralizes people and exploits the poor or their dreams in this manner? If you really want to help, there are other ways than exploitation.

While you’re here, read the Letter of Secretary Soliman to Manny Pangilinan on the ordeal of Jan-Jan Estrada during the March 12, 2011 episode of Willing Willie.

Or take part on the signature campaign and sign the petition here.

We can do better than this. I’m sure of it. Let's prove it.

And to all the people behind the show and to those who had fun while watching this take place, are you sure your brains are at the right places? Please check again because I think I just saw your brains drop at the soles of your feet.

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