Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dreaming of a home

I know it’s not possible to purchase a house now or anytime soon given the many expenses (with prenatal care, meds and child birth on the way) and the fact that only one of us is earning. But still, I would not deprive myself of dreaming about it as this is one of those things that I was really looking forward to and was praying for hubby to agree with me on.

My reasons are simple and for me, reasonable enough. Forgive me if this ends up in listing all my rants. :)

    • I want to learn to be independent. To be able to learn how to cook and care for my own family. My MIL is great for helping us out with the household chores now that I’m pregnant but I want to be able to do everything on my own.
    • I want to move freely – to buy stuff without having someone telling me how expensive they are, without someone counting how many shoe boxes I have stacked in our room, to watch my fave TV shows and not have someone change channels on the TV that we bought which is btw running on the electricity that we are paying for every month.
    • I want to raise my kid on my own rules. Sure, I want his grandparents to spoil him and buy him things that we wouldn’t buy for him but I would have to have the last say as to what he will be eating, what shows to watch, what books to read. I don’t believe much in superstitions so there’s no point in raising my kid under some old wives’ tale.
    • I want to use my own silverware, my own china, my own cookware.
    • My house won’t have pets inside especially dogs and cats whose fur sticks to everything from the sofa, to the throw pillows, to your clothes.
    • I want to pay for the electricity that only my family consumed.
    • I want to stock on food and not have them eaten by someone who is just so “tamad” and “irresponsible” to buy his own. 
    • I want my own sheets, my own curtains, my self chosen wall paint.
    • I want our own pictures on side tables and my books on shelves.
    • Finally, I just want a place that my own family can live peacefully in, a place where we can build dreams and memories, a place we could come home to after a long day at work. Just that. I just want a home.

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