Friday, July 23, 2010

Pregnancy Loves and Hates


According to Babystrology on my sidebar, we only have 10 more weeks to go before little Johan Matthew makes his grand entrance. It has been a long, bumpy ride to get to where we are today and just the thought that this will only last a few weeks more started some bittersweet emotions flowing. So, I’d like to point out some highlights into this difficult but very much thankful for first pregnancy of mine.

Hate: My gastric acid hunts me every moment of the day. My doctors (OB and Pulmo) said that this is because the stomach is being pushed upwards to give more space for our growing baby.

Love: Even if my internal organs are in, let’s say, disarray, that also means that my baby is growing to his fullest to need that much space inside.

Hate: Leg cramps bother me very early in the morning.

Love: Having leg cramps gives me the upside of getting most of our pillows to put my legs up. Hubby is down to two pillows while I have three and his huge bolster. =)

Hate: I can’t drink coffee, coke and iced tea.

Love: I can get away with some foods if I say “I’m craving for it.”

Hate: I walk like a penguin.

Love: I get priority seats at the LRT.

Hate: I can’t remain standing for too long.

Love: I can sleep all day.

Hate: It’s hard to hug hubby every night as we sleep because of my huge tummy.

Love: Hubby ends up hugging me instead.

Hate: My pregnancy is almost over so the perks will soon be taken away.

Love: Finally, we’ll get to meet our baby, Johan Matthew.



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augustalolita said...

i love the loves & hate!! very interesting hehe :) especially the walking like a penguin!! and the photo is stunning!!

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