Thursday, July 15, 2010


Electricity was cut off at around midnight on Wednesday. Being in a room on the topmost level of the house, I can hear and feel the strong winds that threaten to tear the roofs of our neighbors even ours. I barely slept that night because I had to look after the rain water that’s been seeping through our windows which I had to mop off every now and then or most of our stuff will be drenched. I am also worrying about hubby who was stuck at work unable to go home. From midnight to around 4am, I’ve been sitting down then standing up to mop the floor. Finally at around 5am, unable to fight the drowsiness, I gave in and slept. Just a few minutes after, hubby arrived tired but safe.

When I woke up at 8am, it’s a bit brighter outside than the day before but there are still clouds waiting to pour down rain. Still no electricity, but thanks to the clouds it’s not as humid as the days before. We ran out of gas (LPG) and we had a hard time having one delivered as the cellphone lines are also down. My mother-in-law had to go to the shop herself to have one delivered.

Evening came and still no electricity. It’s hard to move around in the darkness much more without TV or Internet or even a radio to get updated with the news. I slept with only a candle as a source of light but I put the flame out before my sleep deepens for fear that it might cause a fire. I wondered why I didn’t buy myself one of those battery-operated lamps that I gave out to my Titas two Christmases back. 

I’m not sure what time the electricity has been restored because when hubby called at around 1:30am to ask, the lights are already on as with the electric fan.

Thankfully “Basyang” is not as strong as “Ondoy”.

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