Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baptism Planning - Another Souvenir Idea

I just thought that since most of my Titos and Titas are not so young anymore to appreciate the chocolate give aways that I'm planning to give out on Johan's baptism, why don't I make something that they are likely to appreciate. 

I then remembered that I have lots of beading materials tucked away somewhere and since most of the older guests are Catholics, giving out rosary bracelets won't be a bad idea.

Given that today is a slow Sunday and since I'm not allowed to move around that much, I took out my beading materials and created two sample rosary bracelets.

Now, I only have to make a quick trip to Quiapo for more beading materials. That would probably wait until next month's first Friday when my Mom and I go to Quaipo Church.

I used nylon cord on this one to thread the beads.I used wires on this one.

I'm leaning towards using the nylon cord as that is easier to use. My only concern is that I may not be able to secure the cord that well which may cause the bracelet to fall apart. I'll just look for a nylon cord lock (or whatever it is called) when we go to Quiapo.


christening gown said...

your souvenirs are unique. thanks for sharing the photos. nice work!

Unknown said...

Have you ever thought of having pen souvenir? You know, something similar to promotional pens except for more personal. Anyway, cool stuff! - Janie

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