Friday, July 16, 2010

A Letter to Our Baby Johan


Our Dear Johan,

Today marks your 29th week inside Mommy’s tummy. Just a few more weeks to go and we’ll be able to meet each other finally. Our journey together so far has never been easy. There were a few times when Mommy and Daddy thought we’re going to lose you and Mommy cried hard during those times because she cannot allow for that to happen. Mommy chose to leave work to better take care of you but don’t worry because Mommy does not regret that decision at the very least. Daddy and Mommy will do whatever is best for you and will put everything on hold just for you.

We want you to know that many are waiting for your arrival. Even on the very day that we found out you are coming, we received lots of well wishes from friends and family. You already have a lot of stuff given by your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandmoms. Do not forget to show how grateful you are by smiling at them when they come visit you on your arrival. You’ll get to meet them soon and you will find out how much you are loved already even before you are born.

Our dear Johan, Daddy and Mommy cannot wait to meet you. Mommy is very eager to carry you, to feed you, to read you stories and sing you songs. Daddy cannot wait for that first glance of you, do look back at him, Baby, as this will bring warmth to Daddy’s heart knowing that you remember him as the voice outside Mommy’s tummy. We are so excited to see how beautiful you will turn out, who you look like the most and what an amazing baby you will become.

Bear in mind that Mommy and Daddy loved you from the moment we first laid eyes on a much smaller you on that first ultrasound, on the day we first heard your heart beating and on the day we saw you already have hands and feet. Daddy and Mommy will love you more when you arrive and we’ll do our best to protect you, to nurture you and to support you in every way possible.

Hold on, Little One. We’ve made it this far, just a few more weeks won’t be that hard. When the right time comes, we’ll get to meet and we’ll greet each other with loving hugs and warm kisses. We love you, Dear Johan and we’ll see you soon.


Mommy and Daddy

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