Sunday, July 4, 2010

Was I Scared!

Yesterday morning I went down to the bathroom to pee. When I stood up right after I felt a warm, sticky fluid leak out. It wasn't a lot so I dismissed it and went back to bed. Fast forward to Saturday night, I felt an unusual heaviness around my lower abdomen and this time I got concerned. I have no idea how labor pains feel and I thought what if that fluid is my water bag already. I'm only on my 27th week! 

I texted my mom and my cousin, asking for advice if I should be worried. I haven't informed my OB just yet because this might not be something worrisome. Both my mom and cousin told me to give my OB a call just to be sure. That I did and what she said scared me. Her text message read, "Why didn't you tell me earlier that you had a leak? Go immediately to the Delivery Room and have yourself assessed. That could be your water bag already."

I am so not ready to go into labor but fearing for Baby Johan's safety, me and hubby rushed to the Delivery Room. They asked me a series of questions - am I having contractions, the consistency of the leak, is it bloody... 

Then the doctor asked me to hoist myself up on the bed and spread my legs. They did a Pap Smear and took samples then my OB (thru phone) instructed the DR doctor to do an IE just to check if I am dilated or not. Thankfully my cervix is still closed but still they wanted to be sure so they told me to stay at the DR and they will check for contractions. 

We stayed at the hospital from 9pm and was released by 11pm. The urinalysis yielded negative results but we are still awaiting the gram stain results from the Pap Smear. I will see my OB on Monday for the results. 

What a scary night for us. I thought I was having preterm labor without me knowing it. Thank God Baby Johan's doing an awesome job of holding on. Just another reason to go to church today.

Am I thankful that Johan hasn't made his grand entrance yet. I am just set to have my maternity shoot next week at Nuvali and Tagaytay. Hehe!

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