Friday, July 9, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day 01

Just so I won't be called a slacker, I'm starting the 30 Day Challenge today. Day 01 is about me posting a recent photo of myself and stating 15 interesting facts about moi.

So here goes:

IMG_4914aThis photo was taken during my friends’ wedding last May.

15 Interesting Facts about Myself: 

  1. I’m scared of cats. I’m not sure where this came from but I am. There was even a time during college when one of my classmates put a kitten beside me and I was so scared I cried and did not talk to that classmate for days.
  2. I’m such a clumsy person. I almost always had to put myself in an embarrassing situation by falling down the stairs of the LRT, my previous office’s stairs with the contents of my bag all over the place, slipping on a wet floor – getting up and slipping again. Yeah, I’m funny that kind of way.
  3. I’m a sucker for corny Filipino romance-comedies. Like the Sarah Geronimo-John Lloyd Cruz movies kind. They’re funny in a cheesy kind of way and they do have some “kilig” moments. It’s embarrassing to admit but yes I watch them over and over again.
  4. I used to be so against getting pregnant not because I don’t want kids but it’s the difficulty of carrying the baby for nine months and still had to endure the pain of labor and delivery. The nine months are tolerable to say the least but I’m still not sure about the labor and delivery. To say that I’m super scared is a HUGE understatement.
  5. I multi-task a lot. Like right now as I’m writing this, I am also watching Legally Blondes while chatting with my husband and a college friend on Yahoo Messenger. Not to mention checking my pastries at Facebook’s Baking Life.
  6. I rarely go to the salon to have my nails done for fear that the nail attendant will miss when removing an ingrown toenail and I end up with swollen toes. I just go to the salon prior to a special event but not on regular visits because I end up getting stressed out instead of getting relaxed.
  7. I am a cry baby. I cry over the littlest of things that makes my husband exasperated at times. I used to cry while doing the laundry and when hubby asks me to cook which I lack the talent big time.
  8. I’m compulsive in a lot of ways. Buying is one, even if an item is not needed but I ended up buying still – like a couple (or more) eye shadows that I just threw the other day because they reached their expiration dates without being used or that Guess leopard printed blouse still tucked at the back of my cabinet still waiting for that “special event”. It’s on sale, btw, hence the reason why I bought an animal printed blouse. (Yeah, yeah)
  9. I like not-so-usual food combinations. I used to bring lunch when I was still working. It was usually sweet ham and rice but what’s unusual is that I add sliced cheese while the rice is still hot and then I put in coffee as “sabaw”. Weird, huh? Another combo is Skyflakes and coffee. I snap the Skyflakes into tiny pieces and put ‘em in my coffee ala cornflakes in milk. This one I got from my Lola.
  10. I am a cheapskate or for a nicer description “a smart consumer”. I buy secondhand books from Booksale, I welcome hand-me-downs from my cousin with open arms and I’ve bought some of my shoes and dresses from my “suki” in Divisoria. I know this is conflicting with Number 8 where I said I am compulsive. Well, I guess you could call me a compulsive cheapskate.
  11. I can spend hours and hours at the mall without buying anything but for sure I would be eating. I can visit every boutique and browse the shelves at Booksale without having to buy but I cannot resist the aroma of Turk’s Shawarma or Hen Lin Siopao or my fave Mango-Banana Fruitas shake or my most recent find a cold cup of Scramble.
  12. I was never a junk food fan. I might dig my fingers on some if there’s one available but you will rarely see me put chips on my grocery cart. It might be due to my mom’s constant reminder while I was growing up and according to her “nakakabobo ang chichirya”. Of course, we don’t want to end up dim witted, do we?
  13. An officemate used to bring a bottle of Efficacent Oil to work and massage some on her temples or tummy whichever is aching and I wrinkle my nose every time I get a whiff of the oil. Back home, whenever my back is aching my mom massages me using what else, the ever reliable Efficacent Oil and it doesn’t bother me as much. She even bought a bottle for me a few weeks back and I use it to massage my already swollen legs. Yes, I do like Efficacent Oil.
  14. I love doing crafts, designing invites and multiply lay-outs. I saved loads of money by making most of our wedding paraphernalia myself, I earned a few bucks from my multiply lay-outs and invites and I have a drawer filled with boxes of different sizes and shapes that I did myself.
  15. I lose track of time a lot of times. Especially in the company of friends, while reading a good book, watching a movie or if I become too engrossed with what I am doing. Like now. I think told hubby I’m going to bed 20 minutes ago and here I am still typing away.

Now, that one took longer than I thought. Day 01 accomplished.

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