Monday, July 5, 2010

One Great Etsy Site

I spent the entire day blog hopping and one of my favorite blogs is Maggie Moos Mom. She actually turned her blog into an Etsy Shop where she creates and sells customized items.

She’s got plenty of great ideas that makes me want to learn how to use a sewing machine just so I could copy some of her projects. I could just imagine myself having lots and lots of fabrics to use and just create beautiful things like her.

I particularly love her onesies. Here are some of her designs:

DSC03084 dsc03495 dsc05895dsc06613 There’s too much to see at her site and I could spend hours and hours just looking at her projects wishing I could be as creative as her.

Another great Etsy Site is Make It and Love It that has a wide range of products and even instructions on how to create them. I love the DIY Stuffed Animals, instructions to be found here.


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Kelly Chan said...

These are soo cute! thanks for sharing! :)

Kel chan

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