Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rainy Tagaytay Trip

We headed up to Tagaytay yesterday to break in our new car. The morning was good because even though it's not a particularly sunny day, at least it's not raining when we left the house. But, it's drizzling when we reached Tagaytay City. It's also a good thing though because it made the trip seem like a real Tagaytay trip - with the fog and very cool climate.

On our way to Tagaytay, as soon as the car moved, Johan's already sleepy

Foggy Tagaytay - I love it!

We just drove down the road leading to Nasugbu trying to catch the sign going to the Pink Sisters Chapel but to no avail. I cannot remember where we should turn right nor did we see any signs. So, we just went ahead and drove straight to Calaruega.

The road leading to Calaruega is the same at is was two years ago when we
first came here to visit - still bumpy and unfixed


When we arrived, Johan kept on pointing at several things - the trees ("Tee, tee!"), the fountain ("Ter, ter!") and the cars ("Caa, Caa!"). Hehe. I guess he's pretty much excited with the new place.

Johan's at this age where he knows how to follow instructions. In this photo, I just told him to sit and look at me while I take his picture. And sit and look he did!

When hubby and I went here two years ago, we weren't able to explore the place. I didn't know this was a park back then, I just wanted to see the Chapel on the Hill and that's just what we did the first time. Now, we went around the entire area and were able to see such great sights. 

"Closer to nature, closer to God" - Calaruega
See the distance between us, I was walking very slowly
because my sandals kept on getting stuck in the very
narrow holes

A small stream
One of the many Koi ponds
Gigantic Koi
Johan looking down, very amazed at the huge Koi
The little boy loved it exclaiming, "Fi, Fi!", his version of fish.
We were able to discover where the hanging bridge is

Then it started drizzling again so we had to come back to the car to get an umbrella and then we went up to see the chapel. Luckily, we met a priest on our way there and after greeting him a good morning, he touched Johan's head and blessed him.

Calaruega, we meet again
The only decent photo we were able to take because of the drizzle 

After, we went straight to Bag of Beans to have coffee.But thinking about Johan, I ordered a Mango Shake instead so he could take sips of my drink. But the little boy had other plans in mind - not only did he refuse my Mango Shake but he almost finished an entire slice of Blueberry Cheesecake and took sips from his Dad's Coffee Choco Banana Frost. I didn't want him to drink anything with caffeine because I was afraid he'd me more active than he already is but the boy has tastes.

Here he is saying please for another sip from his Dad's Frappe

It was such a great day for a short road trip. We immensely enjoyed the cool climate of Tagaytay, the quiet drizzle of the rain and the family bonding experience we had in the car - lots of conversation between hubby and myself while Johan danced to whatever music is playing.


Tagaytay City, my favorite place, we'll see you again real soon.

Up next, our trip to Nuvali, Sta. Rosa.

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