Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Down with a Broken PC

I have a lot to post about and I wanted to resurrect the Super Nanay blog but one thing's keeping me from all my tasks. Our desktop pc is broken! It's been broken since Wednesday last week and I've been using hubby's company laptop since then. I dunno, but I can't quite concentrate on writing using this laptop. I've been bugging hubby to have the desktop fixed but you know men, it'll take them 10 years to drag themselves up and do as they're told. I even walked out on him last Sunday because he spent the entire day in bed, sleeping. When 5pm struck and there's no sign that he's going to fix the desktop, I went down on the floor, prepped the CPU and acted like I'm going to carry it somewhere to have it fixed myself. But, my gosh, that thing's heavy! Hehehe. In the end, the desktop's still unfixed, I'm still using hubby's company laptop which I pressure him to bring home everyday so I can check my mail, this blog and FB. Hopefully, we can have the desktop fixed by weekend. Fingers crossed.

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