Saturday, July 7, 2012

Prepping for my Friend's Wedding

My friend from highschool is finally getting married next year. She’s asked for my help in the preparations and as much as I wanted to help her, I could only do so much – what with a full time job during the week and being a full time mom during the weekends. I told her I could only do online searches for her whenever I go online when I get home from work. I’ve helped her look at some event locations, reception venues and bridal gown designs. So far, we’ve booked her church and reception venue.  We’re still on the search for the other wedding stuff but I’m pretty sure that’ll be a breeze because I love wedding preps. Well, I love preparing events – I think if I don’t have a job or a kid to look after – that’s what I’ll be, an event coordinator.

Anyway, going back to my friend’s wedding, I am so happy for her for this huge change and happier for her daughter because I’m sure this is what she wants – her mom marrying her dad – despite all the drama that those two had went through when their relationship is just starting. I just hope that they both learn to accept each other’s differences and work hard to make their marriage work.

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