Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Short Trip to Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City

We went back to Tagaytay yesterday to celebrate my SIL's daughter's birthday. Six of us - hubby, me, MIL, FIL, SIL and her husband - plus 3 kids squeezed into the car and started the short trip to Tagaytay at around 9am. The morning was perfect for a picnic and the kids dozed off on the way.

We arrived at Picnic Grove around 10 in the morning, paid the entrance fee of 50.00 Php per head for adults (kids come in free) and searched for a cottage to rent. We decided it's best to rent the family cottage which comes for a fee of 300.00 PhP since we need the space with 3 active kids in tow.

The kids were already itching to run around the grass so as soon as we put our bags down, we were off.

My son immensely enjoyed the wide open area
Johan with cousins Angel and Cristoffe
Sweet cousins - I hope they grow up this close

When the kids grew tired, we made our way back to the cottage to eat spaghetti. It is during this time that it started to drizzle, good thing is it stopped immediately so were able to walk around the picnic grove.

Here's my curious little boy putting his foot in between
the planks of the hanging bridge
The kids watching the people taking the zipline
It was a very long walk so we just had to sit and rest a bit when we reached
the end of the suspended bridge

Even the active Johan got tired and sat at the pavement
We again went back to the cottage to have lunch. Johan took a nap right after while it rained again. He woke up just as the rain stopped and it's time to pack our stuff and head back to the car. My SIL then decided to let the kids ride some horses. They were able to talk to some guy who agreed to take all three kids in separate turns on horse rides  for 150.00 PhP per hour.

Cristoffe with his dad
Angel's turn
While his cousins were riding horses, Johan was left behind and I thought
he's interested on riding as well.

But as soon as he sat on the saddle, he gave out this
most "kawawa" cry

The Picnic Grove trip was short but at least the kids enjoyed their short time here. We'll definitely come back some other time, maybe it'll be a trip with my side of the family so my nephews and niece will get to have a bonding time with Johan and enjoy the grass, the climate and the horses as well.

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anney said...

Nagpa plano kami mag picnic dyan. Sana lang wag umulan.

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