Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Want a Neater Home

This is my official entry to the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

Howards Storage World

I have always been an OC person - I wanted everything in their proper places and it usually irritates me when I find my things not where they're supposed to be. Since becoming a mom, I kind of embraced the fact that it is impossible to keep a neat environment with a baby who is now an active toddler. There are just too many baby clothes, toys, shoes and other stuff for the little boy that it takes more closet space than mine and hubby's stuff combined. I swear, my son's stuff occupies 3/4 of our storage space at home and there's absolutely no way I could expand the storage given the small bedroom that we have. Even the space under our bed is full of boxes filled with Johan's baby clothes!

All I can do is maximize what we have and organize, organize, organize. This is the reason why I think I deserve to win a Php10,000 wardrobe showcase from Howards Storage World. I need to have effective organizing tools to maximize the limited space that I have.

Howards Storage World

With all these great prizes, I'll definitely be in organizing heaven! I want this, I need this - to make my life easier and our home a whole lot neater.
  • 2 units of Space Bags
  • 2 units of Easi Store Underbed Shoe Box
  • Faux Feather Jewelry Tray (Large w/ Lid)
  • Allure Earring Organizer
  • 5 units of Stackable Bamboo Organizer
  • Handbag Holder
  • Over-Door 2-Hook
  • Flocked 20-pack Hanger (with bar) Value Pack
  • Diamond Drawer Organizer
  • 2 units Eva Trouser Rack 3-Pack
  • 5 units Thick Trouser Hanger 2-Pack (Chocolate)

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