Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inconsistent Weather

If there's nothing I hate more than a very humid day, it's the constant changes in our weather the last couple of weeks. There are days when it's raining so hard, the rains don't seem to have any plans of stopping making it very hard to get up in the morning, take a commute to work and brave the heavy traffic, due to the rain and the floods, that greets me even if it's before seven in the morning.

Hubby's been nursing a cough for the past three days, I have the colds and Johan seems to be starting to have cough, himself. Hubby and I have both been taking vitamins to keep the cough and colds at bay and I've been giving Johan his daily dose of multivitamin for kids, hoping he doesn't catch the bug that hubby and I currently have.

Today's a bit cloudy but still humid enough to make us turn on the airconditioner this early in the morning. Hopefully, the sun shines a bit later in the afternoon so we could head off to the mall to have Johan's hair cut. The boy's been irritable lately because his hair has grown long enough to reach his ears and he's been constantly scratching that area.

Oh please, make it not rain today. Even for just today.

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