Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plans for an Early Christmas Shopping

It’s the middle of July already and sooner than I expect, Christmas will be arriving next.  Every year, I make it my goal to start my Christmas shopping early, to which I’ve always failed. I don’t know, but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me if I don’t come to Divisoria in the midst of everyone else’s Christmas shopping and that meant being elbowed and pushed from one mall to another. Seriously, you don’t even have to walk on your own because your feet will move accordingly with the crowd. It is tiring, very, but it lifts up my spirits every time knowing that no matter how hard times can become, people still make an effort to buy gifts for their love ones come Christmas.

Anyway, my friends at work and I have been talking about Christmas shopping the other day and we planned a trip to Divisoria by October. I wanted to save for my Christmas shopping so that I won’t have to use my 13th month pay which is already allotted for something else. My friend suggested we save 1000 pesos per payday and have someone else keep it for us until October comes. I agreed to it because given the many expenses at home plus the monthly car payments, it’s now extra hard to save. How I wish I have an extra income that can go directly to my savings account and I also wish I have an idea on stock trading because I heard people really earn well from it.

Hopefully, my early Christmas shopping plans will push through. Now, I have to think of gift ideas for everybody.

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