Monday, July 2, 2012

Fish Feeding at Nuvali

I've heard that Nuvali is a great place for families. The kids will have fun feeding the Japanese Kois at Nuvali's man-made lake and the adults will enjoy the wide array of restaurants and shops that surround the area.

Last Saturday, after we went to Tagaytay, we headed down towards Nuvali to get a firsthand experience of the place. I was so sure Johan would love to see the Kois and I planned to take a boat ride with my two boys. Sadly, though, Nuvali wasn't as huge as I expected or maybe I expected too much. I still think the developers should add more shops, add more variety of restaurants to the place and a playground for the kids would have been great. Still, I saw that a lot of people enjoyed the place, including us. Well, I enjoyed because I saw my son enjoying himself.

I honestly thought I'd enjoy seeing the Kois, but I did not. I was so grossed
out with the huge number of them and how they go on top of each other
just to catch some feeds. 

The little boy enjoyed it, though, and kept on shouting
"Fi! Fi!"


I think Daddy enjoyed feeding the Kois more than Johan
and I did

We didn't take a boat ride anymore because the lake is fairly small and there aren't too much to see. We decided to just go the Glass House as per my sister's agent's recommendation because according to her there are some ducks on that part of the lake. My son would love to see one!

The Glass House

It is such an interesting architecture and I hope it would house artworks instead of the map and plans for development at Nuvali. Anyway, we went here because of the ducks, but we didn't find any and my heartbroken son kept on saying "Quack, quack, quack." over and over. We'll find some ducks for you, Johan, I promise. :)

Electric powered Jeepney

We weren't able to ride one of the few electric powered jeepneys that goes around Nuvali. Next time though.

All in all, the Nuvali trip is short but good because Johan had fun running around and he not only saw one but  an entire school of actual, live fish! Next time, we'll go to the zoo and introduce him to the animals there. 

Going to a new place every weekend on the new car isn't such a bad idea, right? Strike while the iron's hot, as they say, or according to hubby, take advantage while the fuel is still priced below 50 pesos per liter. :)

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