Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Gifts that I am Loving for Johan

I am a child at heart. I love receiving presents more than receiving money because selecting a gift takes more time and effort which means that the person who gave me the gift thought really hard on my interests and what would make me really happy. This is why I am so glad that my son shares the same sentiments and showed a lot of enthusiasm when he received gifts this season. Or maybe it is because he is really just a kid.

Johan received lots of gifts this Christmas and I thank everybody who remembered my son and gave him all these wonderful presents. I loved all of them because: 1. the toys made the little boy happy and 2. all the shirts, shorts and hats (which means we won't have to buy new ones for quite some time) made Mommy and Daddy's pocket happy. Now, everybody is happy!

Among these gifts, I am certainly loving the ones that'll keep the boy preoccupied but learning at the same time.

This truck is a gift from my highschool friend Kristine. She sent me a text one day asking me what I would like her to buy for Johan. I told her of this certain shop in Festival Supermall, MindWerks, and said I'd love any wooden toy from that shop. Johan loved playing with this and I love how educational this toy is. I can teach him the colors, we can practice his motor skills by hammering down the balls into the holes and Johan can learn patience by unscrewing the screws.

These puzzles came from my sister, RK, and my sister-in-law, Rochelle. The Cars puzzle is a no brainer and Johan shrieked when he unwrapped it. I love how these puzzles can teach him how to spell and develop Johan's hand-eye coordination.

This tub of building blocks is one of the gifts I bought for Johan. This also came from MindWerks, which is by the way my new favorite shop because of all the educational toys they are selling. I was just surprised to learn that this tub was only half full of wooden blocks when all the while I thought it was filled to the brim. Nevertheless, this will be a good learning toy to develop my son's skills and imagination.

This is the second gift I bought Johan. I've been looking all over for an alphabet puzzle so I could teach Johan the ABCs. What's great about this is that there are pictures underneath every letter so it is easier for Johan to remember each one. This one came from MindWerks, too.

This robot was given by my friend, Lloyd. This dancing robot is not really educational but highly entertaining and I love that it would keep the little boy busy while I am busy with other things like now. :)

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