Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Get Together Part 2 - Paradizoo

It was already late when the magic show ended at the Residence Inn Zoo and everybody, most especially the kids, were already hungry so we decided to have lunch first before proceeding to Paradizoo. The promo included a shuttle ride from Residence Inn to Paradizoo but we thought it's best to just go there via our own vehicles right after we had lunch.

Grilled Liempo
You cannot not have Bulalo when you're in Tagaytay. We knew that most of the popular restaurants were probably full, we decided to have lunch at one of the roadside eateries. It's a lot cheaper (Php 2450 for 10 people and 4 kids) and we get to enjoy the cool breeze of Tagaytay.

Right after we ate, we then proceeded to search for Paradizoo. It's a long drive, I tell ya.

Paradizoo is basically a huge farm. There were fewer animals here but they offer an array of activities - horseback riding, milk a goat, learn how caterpillars become butterflies, how you get honey from bees, ride a paragos, etc., etc.

The kids enjoyed the huge area where they ran around and chased each other while we, the parents, grew tired from all the walking and running after the kids. It was all worth it still seeing the smiles on our kids faces.

One of the best spots inside the property is the infinity pond. I've read about this in various blogs but I was surprised to see that it's just small. I thought it's bigger than it really is but still it was a perfect location for photo ops. 

Visiting Paradizoo was a great experience. It was definitely tiring but it was a refreshing change in scenery and the kids had a great time. The staff was even accommodating and provided us a short tour of the property even if we were not there for a field trip like the group that came before us.

This has been the best Christmas get together so far and I am really just grateful for the blessing of friendship more than anything else.

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