Sunday, December 9, 2012

When Manny Lost

Prior to the fight, I went to a salon to have my manicure and pedicure done. I wasn't finished by 1 pm and I was urging the attendant to hurry up so I could go home and catch the fight. When I got home, the National Anthems have been sung but the fight hasn't started.

We were shocked when Manny fell down on Round 3 but we were ecstatic when Marquez fell on Round 5. We all thought, good they're even! Manny has a good chance of winning, even a decision, because he's been connecting punches. Until he fell on the sixth round and didn't move.


I was literally freaking out, "Oh my God, he's not moving!". I honestly thought he's dead and I think my heart froze for a good 10 seconds. When Jinkee Pacquiao's face was shown on TV, I shouted, "Umalis kayo dyan, padaanin nyo si Jinkee!". I felt her pain, I felt her worry, I felt her fear.

Yes, we lost the fight today. But, I kept telling my husband, "Honestly, okay lang sa kin na natalo si Manny. Basta buhay sya."

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