Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Kid says the Darnest Things

After two days of being absent from work to take care of the sick Johan, me and my son were having this conversation:

Mommy: "Johan, Mommy will go to the office na tomorrow, okay?"
Johan: "No!"
Mommy: "Tomorrow, Johan, not today."
Johan: "No!"
Mommy: "I said tomorrow, not today."
Johan: "Mom, no!"

Okay fine.

One morning, the hubby's playing with Johan:

Daddy: Johan, I'm going to kiss your neck!
Johan: No!
Daddy: I'm going to kiss your neck!
Johan: No!
Daddy: I will kiss your neck!
Johan: No! Bang!

Binaril na, kulit mo kasing Daddy ka. :

Yesterday, I brought Johan with me to the bakery to buy pandesal:

Johan: Ate! Ate!
Tindera: Ano gusto mo, baby?
Johan: Dat one, Dat one!
Tindera: Okay na?
Johan: (with matching turo ke Ate) Best!

You're the best daw, ateng tindera. Hehehe!

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