Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Nailcutter

While I was cutting Johan’s nails earlier today, I noticed that the screw or whatever you call it is a bit dislocated. I tried putting it back myself but it just won’t budge. So, I asked hubby for help. He was busy playing World of Warcrafts (again) and ignored me. So, I tried again to repair the nailcutter myself, even using a pair of pliers but still I was unsuccessful. This time I was getting pretty frustrated - for not being able to put it back together and even if I know that I can repair it myself, the use of tools should be man’s job not mine. Hubby kept on ignoring me, so, out of frustration I threw the pliers and shouted expletives (hehe). Hubby finally took notice, took the nailcutter and tools and tried to repair it saying “madali lang yan.”

The one encirled is the metal rod I'm talking about which got dislocated.

Then he asked me to help him (now who just said “madali lang yan”?) He can’t make the thin metal rod go through the other hole and he kept on hammering the rod and the next is the sequence of how our conversation went:

Mae: Paano yan lulusot eh nde naman nakatapat dun sa kabilang butas ung rod? Sayang lang pagpupukpok mo jan.

Hubby: Ah ewan, hindi ko sasayangin oras ko jan sa nailcutter na yan. Bumili ka na lang ng bago.

Mae: Ayoko, eto gusto ko eh.

Hubby: Baket isang libo ba yan?

Mae: Oo!! (Definitely frustrated)

This time I lost it and just went back into our room and shut the door. I finally repaired the nailcutter myself but I’m still not speaking to the husband. We even had lunch not talking to each other and I only washed the dishes that I used and left his in the sink.

I know later today, we’ll make up. This is just one of those times that husbands and wives fight over the silliest of things. And this time it is this nailcutter’s fault. Hehe!

Happy sunday, everyone!

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Simply Dyes said...

That is really part of the "marital bliss". As years pass by, you will learn to let go of those little things.

I usually ask myself, "Which is more important: my relationship with hubby or my pride?"

Of course, pride is different from respect. We have to respect ourselves all the time. But we could let our prides be dented from time to time :)

I hope you had made up at present time :)

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