Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet Delight

I have been a bit tired since Thursday. I had to go to Makati on Thursday of last week, was able to drop by Glorietta, Landmark and Greenbelt 5 in my search for the standard neck Nuby bottles and Sound Bites which I didn’t find (does anybody know where I can get these?)

Then over the weekend, Johan has been unusually fussy. As in. He refused to be put down and even when I was already carrying him, he still squirmed and cried. Haay, I was really, really tired.

Good thing is I have a stash of sweets hidden somewhere in our bedroom. I won’t say where coz hubby might read this post and take those away. This is my emergency stash, my life saver in times of Mommy burn out, my post partum depression preventive maintenance and the reason why my sugar might be above normal already. Yaiks!



1 comment:

JonaBQ said...

parang kelangan ko rin gawin yan ah- magtago ng chocolates for emergency haha! :D
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